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Newsletter #32 - SEPTEMBER 2003

From The Cockpit...

As many of you know, I have been the victim of a number of health problems over the past few years, with the most recent problem happening this last winter.

At the present time the problems seem to be mostly in remission, but I am naturally preoccupied with the situtation. Because of these preoccuptations, I am unable to serve as your President as well as I would wish, and I have submitted my resignation to the association officers. I do this with regret, yet our fine organization deserves more than I feel I can provide. I am happy that we have Vice President Leo Cimino in place and ready to take on the responsibilities. Leo is very capable and fully qualified and I thank you, Leo, for stepping up to put your shoulder to the wheel.

Certainly it is my plan to continue to help our fine organization in whatever more modest way that I can. I feel honored to have been elected as your President, and deeply regret my inability to continue to serve. I will surely continue to participate and enjoy our fellowship as much as possible.

My best wishes to each of you, and please help Leo, Dave Johnson, and Steve Riddle keep us on the beam.

John Chappell

Table of Contents

  • From The Cockpit

  • From The Skipper's Office

  • Mystery Photograph

  • Letters, Messages and Notes

  • VP-45 Operations In Costa Rica Under The OAS (1955)

  • Rescue At Sea

  • Coco Solo E-Mail Chatter

  • News From The Pelican Perch Of Pensacola

  • I Like The Navy

  • Life In Bermuda

  • In memoriam

  • Announcements

  • Association History

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