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Newsletter #31 - MARCH 2003

From The Cockpit...

It was a personal highlight of 2002 to attend the VP-45 Reunionn in San Diego, a city that has been a special place for Billie and I since my tour of duty with a P5-1 squadron at NAS North Island. So it was with great pleasure that we revisited familiar landmarks, enjoyed the great climate and visited with old and new friends. Our sincere thanks go to the reunion committee, Jim Cooper, Glen Rufenach, Jim Carrol, Tom Doyle, George Creamer, and Bob Styles for their good work. The work of our outgoing officers, Tom Colder, Chuck Comeau, Dave Johnson (who is staying for an extra term), and Pelican Post Editor Chuck Caldwell is appreciated as well! Your current officers and I will do our best to equal Tom's and his officers efforts and success for our next Reunion.

I notice that the Mariner/Marlin Association is having their Reunion at Patrick Air Force Base (once NAS Banana River, Florida), Cape Canaveral area, May 7-11, 2003. Many of you will remember, as I do, training there. Should be fun to revisit there with ancient seaplane pilots, crews and support personnel.

I think most of you know that I retired to Pensacola after my USN service. Mort Eckhouse, Dave Johnson and a number of other association members are also retired here. The point here is that while many of you attended the 1998 Reunion here, you should always keep the Cradel of Naval Aviation in your travel plans if possible. The Naval Aviation Technical Training Center (NATTC) at NAS trains all aviation ratings, with a student load of between 2 and 3 thousand young men and women. All prospective aviation officers continue to be trained here and ALL officer candidates of all USN branches receive basic training here. The National Museum of Naval Aviation has additions frequently and is a world-class operation. So give us a call if you are in the vicinity!

Wishing all of you a happy, if belated 2003.

John Chappell

Table of Contents

  • Mediterranean Patrol by Scott Bosecker

  • The Commodore Sends
  • U. S. Set To Relinquish Bermuda Naval Bases
  • From The Skipper's Office
  • Reunion 2002 Report
  • The First Navy Jack
  • Coco Solo News by Ken Gold
  • Chuck Caldwell "Golden Pelican" Award Ceremony Described By Harry Mendelson
  • Coco Solo Email Chatter
  • Military Prayer
  • Letters, Messages and Notes
  • Recovering Pelican
  • Be Careful What You Wish For!
  • In Memoriam
  • Recommended Reading
  • Dear Fellow VPer
  • Minutes Of The Business Meeting 12 October 2002
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Treasurer's Note
  • From The Editor's Desk
  • And More!

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