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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-45 Association Reunion will hold it's 15th Biennial Reunion October 24th - October 28th, 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Pensacola, Florida. All of the details are on our website including sign up at: http://www.vp45association.org/. Please call or email me if you have any questions! Doug "Pooh Bear" Mitchell, President at 678-650-7500..." Contributed by MITCHELL, LCDR Douglas M. (Pooh Bear) Retired poohbearmit@aol.com [04APR2018]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-45 Association Reunion officially runs from October 19th - 23rd, 2016 in Charleston, SC. SEE: http://www.vp45association.org/..." Contributed by MITCHELL, LCDR Douglas M. (Pooh Bear) Retired poohbearmit@aol.com [04MAY2016]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-45 Association Reunion officially runs from Wednesday, October 17th through Sunday, October 21st, 2012 in Mobile, AL. Please see http://www.militaryreunionplanners.com/Patron45/ for further information..." Contributed by IMHOF, P. J. "PJ" pjdaddypaddy@att.net [01SEP2012]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...This year the VP-45 (VP-45/VP-205/VP-MS-5) Association's next Reunion September 29, 30, October 1 and 2, 2010 in Alexandria, VA. More info on the upcoming Reunion will be published in our Newsletter or by contacting our President, Buck Jones at bpj1927@yahoo.com or Vice President, Dick Gray, at dickgray@brooksendway.com. Additional information can be found on our PATRON FOUR FIVE ASSOCIATION at http://www.vp45association.org/..." Contributed by IMHOF, P. J. "PJ" pjdaddypaddy@att.net [03FEB2010]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...The Patron Four Five Association reunion will be held from 24 to 28 September 2008 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Jacksonville Florida. Point of contact: Steve Riddle, 817-244-2703, steveriddle@vp45association.org, http://www.vp45association.org..." COntributed by RIDDLE, Steve s.riddle@ieee.org [15JAN2008]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-45 Association's next Reunion will be in San Antonio Texas 25-29 October 2006. More than 150 are expected to assemble at the Doubletree Airport Hotel for the gala. For additional information click on http://www.vp45association.org or contact Steve Riddle at s.riddle@ieee.org. Thanks. Steve R. Riddle, Secretary - Patron Four Five Association - PO Box 123045 - Fort Worth, TX 76121-3045 - 817-244-2703..." [09JUL2005]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...The Biennial Reunion of VP-45/VP-205 will next occur in 2004, usually in the early Autumn, and most likely this time in FL, either in Jacksonville, Florida or Pensacola, Florida. Our new Secretary, Steve Riddle, at s.riddle@ieee.org will fill us in through our quarterly Newsletter. Anyone from any of the squadrons which became VP-45 and from any of the PBM, P5M, P-3 eras is welcome to join. Contact Steve for full particulars, but our annual membership fee is very affordable, the reunions are first-class in all respects, the camaradarie is what you would expect when a large group of old seaplane crews get together. On 11JAN2003, our outgoing Secretary, Chuck Caldwell, our long-ago PPC of EE-9 when we were based in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone, was honored with a dinner and the presentation of a specially tailored model of his own P5BM-1 for his many years of service to the organization and for his loyalty and support. All VP-45 veterans and all members of the Mariner/Marlin Association are now able to obtain models of their specific aircraft at a very handsome price from Morrison Aircraft. by addressing gary@custom-planes.com. For those who haven't yet adopted the Internet mode of correspondence, the address can be obtained by writing Ken Gold at 8005 Wren Ave. in Hobe Sound, FL 33455. Do yourself a favor, old Shipmates, and join your squadron's association as well as the Mariner/Marlin Association . (Small investment for a large and beneficial reward.)..." Contributed by GOLD, Ken goldkr@att.net [10JAN2003]

UPDATE "...The Patron Four Five Association Reunion will be held in Jacksonville, Florida 14-17 October 2004 at the Radisson Riverwalk Hotel. For additional information contact Leo Cimino by Phone at 513-867-0593 or by E-Mail at leocimino@fuse.net..." Contributed by Steve Riddle s.riddle@ieee.org [12MAR2004]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-45 Association's next Reunion will be in San Diego 11 - 13 October during Fleet Week 2002. More than 200 expected to assemble at the Hanalei Hotel for the gala but you don't have to go to a Reunion to be a member of the VP-45 Association. Newsletter and rosters twice a year for members. For membership info, contact Chuck Caldwell at cbc222.cald@gmail.com. For Reunion info, contact Tom Golder TVGold@aol.com..." Contributed by Charles Caldwell cbc222.cald@gmail.com [17JUN99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "OCT 2000...October, 2000, at Jacksonville, FL. See VP-45 Association for further information..." Contributed by Charles Caldwell cbc222.cald@gmail.com [17JUN99]


ReunionsREUNIONs: "22SEP99...The squadrons of Navy Patrol Wing Four, which was based in the Aleutians in WW II, will be holding a Reunion at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, starting 22 September 1999. Attached to PatWing Four were PBY squadrons VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-45, VP-61, and VP-62. PV squadrons were VPB-131, VPB-135, VPB-136, and VPB-139. VPB-120 and VPB-122 were PB4Y-2 squadrons that saw duty late in the war. OS2U squadrons VS-48, VS-49, VS-56, and VS-70 did inshore patrol and rescue work. Anyone who was a member of PatWing 4 who is interested in attending the reunion should contact "Ole" Haugen (VP-43) for registration forms. His e-mail address is: j.o.haugen@juno.com. His regular address is 10404 W Sierra Dawn Drive, Sun City, AZ 85351..." Contributed by Robert R. Larson, VP-41/VPB-136 r2larson@greatnorthern.net [31MAY99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "00OCT98--VP-45 (VP-45/VP-205/MS-5) on October `98 at Pensacola, FL Contact C. B. Caldwell 1061 Arnold Way Alpine, CA 91901 Phone (619) 445-5072 Source FRA Web Site" http://www.teleport.com/~jgriffin/newdata.htm

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