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Note NOTICE: "...My father John Meyer was with VPB-25 and VP-41 in the Pacific from June to October, 1945. he was a Lt. (jg) and flew PBM-5's with other Shipmates: En. Kohr, Overkop, Fonoroni, Cpt. Rone, Lt. Conway, Eng. Durante, Lt. MArsh, Duerkpr, Lt. Whitt, Lt. Peters, and Kurzt. He flew in and around Hoi How; Jinomoc; Subic; Necke Isle; Hainian Straight; Hong Kong; Swaton; Sangley; and Lingayen. I am looking for ANY and All information about him or his Shipmates...Michael Meyer hd1972@attbi.com ..." [02JAN2000]


"...Crew mates as of 2/21/45: Kohr, Curtis M. - Lt. Cdr., Duerko, R. W. - Ens., Makowski, Theodore F. - Captain, McConnell, Robert, W. - Flight Eng., Ludlum, Lester J. Radioman - ARM3c, Koos, Albert J. Radar Operator - ARM S1c, Boliman, Albert W. Bow Gunner - AOM3c, Ricciardi, Robert G. Waist Gunner - AOMc, Wolpert, Charles H. - Tail Gunner AOM S1c, Wilson, Charles F. - AOM S1c, and Kurz, W. G. - AMM2c. The others I mentioned are those listed in his flight log and crew members of specific campaigns and flights, but I believe this is the crew thought out this time in the Pacific. If ANYONE has any information - please contact me!..."

"VP-41 Summary Page"