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MARSH, Ersel W. ewm@solarstop.net "...I started my military career with VS-736 as a SELRES at NAS Grose Ile until I went active duty in '67. I was stationed onboard the USS Bennington Until Nov. '68. After release from active duty I backed away from the reserves for a couple of years then got affiliated with a unit here in Toledo designated CV 1314. I stayed with them until there was an opening in VP-4114 at NAS Detroit. I then transferred to them and eventually to VP-93 as an AD3. While attached to VP-93 I worked on the flight line and in the jet shop. I went to Career Counseling School and was a Career Counselor for a brief period. I had to tender my resignation due to personal problems in my civilian life. I miss the military life I had and all the friends I met with VP-93..." [18APR99]

RASMUSSEN, ATC(AW/NAC) Erik "Ike" RASMUSSE@CNRF.NOLA.NAVY.MIL "...began Naval service as a SELRES at NAF Detroit with VP-4114 in July 1975 remained, until the commissioning of VP-93. Came on active duty as a TAR with VP-93 during 1977-81. Qualified as P-3A/B/B-TACNAVMOD In-Flight Tech. Just wrapping up a 7 year tour with COMNAVAIRESFOR in NOLA. Please drop me a line to shoot the breeze about the good ole days..." [09JUN98]

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