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Note NOTICE: "...Anyone wishing to contribute PB4Y-2 photos taken in Alaska for a book on aviation mysteries, please respond. You will be given full credit for the use of any images used in publication. I'm also interested in information or crew photos of a VPB-122 Privateer which disappeared off the coast of Alaska in November 1945 and a VP-20 Privateer which disappeared off the coast of Alaska in November 1948...Greg Liefer hara.liefer@yahoo.com..." [04MAY2005]

UPDATE "..."Aviation Mysteries of the North" published!..." Greg Liefer hara.liefer@yahoo.com [25JUL2011]

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "Aviation Mysteries of the North" (ISBN: 978-159433195-4) describes seventeen major aircraft disappearances in Alaska and Canada over a span of four decades. Included are the disappearances of a Navy PV-1 Ventura over Kamchatka in 1944, a PB4Y-2 near Sitka, Alaska, in December 1945, a Navy PBY-5A near NAS Dutch Harbor, Alaska in 1947 and a PB4Y-2 near NAS Kodiak, Alaska in 1948. A few squadrons mentioned include VPB-20, VPB-29, VPB-120, VPB-122, and VPB-139. All of the stories are extensively researched and well illustrated. Jump over to Publication Consultants for ordering and additional information..." Contributed by Greg Liefer hara.liefer@yahoo.com [25JUL2011]

BooksBOOKs: "Shobun : A Forgotten War Crime in the Pacific" detailed account of the last flight of a Catalina PBY from VPB - 29, which was lost over the celebes Islands in 1944. Her crew were captured & later executed by the Japanese. 1995, 6 x 9, xxi, 147 pp, maps, illus, bibliog, index.

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