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VP CrewCREWs: VP-201 Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-201 Crew "...My grandfather always wrote the names of those in the photo on the back. He inscribed the back of this one "Flagship Fighters". I believe it was VP-201 (circa 1942). Sorry for the crease in the photo. Standing: Paulson, 1st radioman; Dave Rube, 2nd pilot; C.V. Horrigan, Patrol Plane Cmdr; Tom Fiquiel, Asst PPC; Muneford, navigator; Kraus, 2nd mechanic. Kneeling: Curtiss, mechanic; Williams, 2nd radioman; Abblett, bombardier; Stewart, 1st mechanic; Friedman, 3rd radioman..." Contributed by HORRIGAN, LCDR Clement V. c/o His Grandson David H. Kowalskidavid.kowalski2@verizon.net [19FEB2003]

"VP-201 Summary Page"