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BooksBOOKs: Title: PV Ventura and Harpoon Units of World War II (by Alan C. Carey) will be produced by Osprey Publishing early next year (2002). It will cover: USN VB/VPB-125, VB/VPB-126, VB/VPB-127, VB/VPB-128, VB/VPB-129, VB/VPB-130, VB/VPB-131, VB/VPB-132, VB/VPB-133, VB/VPB-134, VB/VPB-135, VB/VPB-136, VB/VPB-137, VB/VPB-138, VB/VPB-139, VB/VPB-140, VB/VPB-141, VB/VPB-142, VB/VPB-144, VB/VPB-145, VB/VPB-146, VB/VPB-147, VB/VPB-148, VB/VPB-149, VB/VPB-150, VB/VPB-151, VB/VPB-152, VB/VPB-153, VD-2, and VMF-(N)-531. It will also cover RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RNZAF, and SAAF squadrons. Contact Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com for ordering information. [21AUG2001]

BooksBOOKs: Bombing Squadron (VB) 148 Bombing Squadron 148: Photo Album, August 1943-November 1944. Private collection list. No known copy location. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/cruise-books/wwii-cruise-books-biblography/naval-aviation-unit-books/air-squadrons.html

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Log of the Liberators: An Illustrated History of the B-24" by Steve. Birdsall [Squadrons mentioned: VP-24, VB-48, VB-51, VB-55, VP-63, VP-64, VB-101/VPB-101, VB-102, VB-103, VB-104/VPB-104, VB-106/VPB-106, VB-108/VPB-108, VB-109/VPB-109, VPB-111, VB-115, VPB-116, VPB-117, VPB-118, VPB-123, VPB-124, VB-128, VB-129, VB-130, VB-131, VB-132, VB-133, VB-134, VB-135, VB-136, VB-137, VB-138, VPB-139/VPB-139, VB-140, VB-141, VB-143, VB-147, VB-148/VPB-148, VB-154/VPB-154, VPB-156, VPB-157, VPB-159, VB-193, VC-5, VD-1, VD-3, VD-5, VW-3, etc.] ISBN:0-385-03870-4 Printed by Doubleday & Company, Inc Garden City, New York. Book information contributed by Bill Woodard billwood@mail.utexas.edu [07JAN2001]

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