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Douglas XP3D Profile

VP AircraftAIRCRAFT: Aircraft Profile ThumbnailCameraVP-11F XP3D-1 BUNO: Unknown "...I am a admirer of the US Navy Float- and Torpedoplanes for several years now. I am drawing profiles from the USN Floatplanes and Torpedoplanes from the early beginnings (1910-etc). These profiles are patrol floatplanes as a tribute to the VP-squadrons and pilots..." Contributed by Paul Imhoff p.imhoff@hetnet.nl [03DEC2017]

Consolidated PBY Catalina

VP AircraftAIRCRAFT: History ThumbnailCameraVP-11F PBY BUNO: 0124 "...BuNo 0124 - 11-P-12 - 1937-Apr-13 - This is probably the first PBY numbered 11-P-12 (VP-11F). Later, PBY-2 BuNo 0454 became VP-11F's 11-P-12. Later still, VP-6F became VP-11 (after a short stint as VP-23) and had at least one PBY-5 as 11-P-12..." WebSite: WWW.PBY.COM http://www.pby.com/ 10JUL2008

VP AircraftAIRCRAFT: History ThumbnailCameraVP-11F PBY BUNO: 0454 "...BuNo 0454 - 11-P-12 - 1937-May-15 - This photo of the first PBY-2 was taken at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant in San Diego, shortly before being delivered to VP-11F. Comparing the roofline to the photo of the plant on p182 of Reuben Fleet and the Story of Consolidated Aircraft leads me to believe the plane is left of the left/rear corner of the building with the photographer facing the small section of building that extends from the main rear wall. Note the other PBY behind 0454, facing the other direction..." WebSite: WWW.PBY.COM http://www.pby.com/ 10JUL2008

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