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Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for (I think was when they redesignated) a VPB-108 Squadron Emblem. I believe it has a little japanese soldier in the center of a large star. The soldier is holding/or behind a round disc that is stripped red and white and there is what appears to be a large sight pipper over the star. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you. Johnny Signor webeemblems@aol.com..." [29APR2009]

Note NOTICE: "...My Dad, LT Leon Paradise, was the pilot of the VPB-108 PB4Y-2 "La Cherie" (BUNO: 59489). Does anyone remember him and the circumstances on how he lost his aircraft?...Richard Paradise paradisecinp@aoll.com..." [14NOV2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I just received some Navy film showing what appears to be VPB-116 #38800 showing the crew during a high altitude mission and upon landing at Tinian (Black and White with good to excellent quality). Another film, in color, shows VD-1 31996 Calamity Jane warming up and taking off (excellent quality). I would like to collect more film copies from any individuals that served with Navy/Marine PB4Y-1 Liberator and PB4Y-2 Privateer squadrons (VD-1, VD-3, VD-4, VD-5, VP-101, VP-102, VP-103, VP-104, VP-105, VP-106, VP-107, VP-108, VP-109, VP-110, VP-111, VP-112, VP-115, VP-116, VP-117, VP-118, VP-119, VP-120, VP-121, VP-122, VP-123, and VP-124). Thanks. Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com..." [27OCT2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I am interested in doing an oil painting of PB4Y's of VPB-108. I have read that VPB-108 installed 20mm forward firing cannons on their PB4Ys. I am trying to get information on where, how, and how many of these cannons were usually installed. I have been looking for photographs or other info that may show how and where these were installed but up to now all of my searches have been in vain. If there is anyone who has information pertaining to the installation of these cannons your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...Brian Bell blbhhb@hotmail.com..." [25JUL2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for information regarding ARM C. G. VanWilligan who flew with VB-108 from September of 1943 thru May of 1944. All of his missions were flown with a LT ACKERMAN. Any information regarding VanWilligan or Ackerman would be most appreciated. Blue Skies...Mark Adamic blackct401@aol.com..." [25JUN2004]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for help from anyone! My father, Chester A. "Chet" Krokoski, Farrell, PA was an Aviation Radioman 2nd class on a PB4Y2 out of Iwo Jima. I'm looking for any information on how to track this unit down as he doesn't recall many details (anyone know Harvey Dale Hall?). Thanks for any help..." MAJ Chip Krokoski Chipkro@AOL.com [17JAN98]

UPDATE "...Joseph A. Palsha richardpalsha@gmail.com notified Chip that he had a crew listing with a Krokoski listed, no first or last name indicated... Chip was also wondering if anyone new a Harvey Dale Hall. Joe found a Harvey D. Hall listed with 116 and in the same crew with the person that could be his father. He attached a photo of the person from that crew that might be his father..." [25JAN98]

UPDATE "...I just opened the photo. Unquestionably that's my Dad. His full name is Chester A. "Chet" Krokoski Sr.; of course there was no "Jr." during the time of the photo.) He currently lives at ... The photo is of Dad's first crew and was taken in California at Camp Kurney (you remember the Kempa-Kepka doing so this may be anywhere.) Dad never got overseas with this crew as he was sent to an advanced radio school prior to the crew deploying; he missed that crew alot. The crew with which he deployed was piloted by Tom Harmon...Always Greatful MAJ Chip Krokoski Chipkro@AOL.com..." [26JAN98]

"...Based on the information in your reply above, I did a little more digging. I checked the VPB-200 ( NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii) muster roll and found the following information. Your father, Chester A. Krokoski - service serial number ... - ARM3c USN-1 was transferred to VPB-108 on 8/21/45. Additional enlisted members of his crew were as follows. ANTHONY, Howard R. AOMT3c...CASTELLANO, James P. AMM3c...GEHLRACH, Elmer H., Jr. AMM3c...KILFEATHER, James P. S1c (ARM)...McKINLEY, Edward R. AOM1c...NOURIE, Rolland A. ARM2c...NOVAK, John Jr. ACMM...OLSEN, Donald D. ARM3c...The VPB-200 muster roll does not contain the names of the officers. This information goes along with the fact that your father has more VPB-108 plane photos than from any other squadron. This information, I think, verifies that your father was a member of VPB-108. Sincerely, Joe Palsha richardpalsha@gmail.com..."

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for anyone who knows Harold Barnard who served with VPB-108. He was 2nd radioman, navigator, side gunner in a Privateer. I'm not sure which crew. I will contact him and get back. He resides in Ellenville NY. Thanks...Greg Henderson Goog26@aol.com..." [13JUL2000]

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