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MishapsMISHAPs: 23 JUL 43 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: South Atlantic near NAF Natal, Brazil Strike: Yes BUNO: Unknown

UPDATE "...Sea Beast Photographs - Fundacao Rampa - Natal, Brasil http://www.fundacaorampa.com.br/..." Forwarded by Lee Fleck ljfleck@bellsouth.net [21SEP2008]

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UPDATE History - Tap To Enlarge ThumbnailCameraLT(jg) Goree Waugh "...This note is relative to the incident on July 23, 1943 in which the crew of VB-107, B-6 was lost on an attack run against U-598 piloted by Lt. Goree Waugh. It is my belief that father Bernard A. Fleck, whom was LT(jg) Waugh's best friend was also the copilot with LT Ford PB4Y Liberator which sunk the noted sub U-598. My father not only received the Presidential Unit citation but also the Navy "Air Medal" for meritorious achievement in aerial flight for the same period as noted on the presidential citation. My father's description of the loss of VB-107 and the death of his best friend was only accentuated by the fact that my eldest brother was in fact named "Goree" out of respect for his friend. Below I listed information from two sites in NY commemorating WWII KIA's, MIA's and buried at sea (specifically LT(jg) Goree Edward Waugh)..." Contributed by Lee Fleck ljfleck@bellsouth.net [06FEB2007]

	        Name:	Goree E. Waugh
    State Registered:	New York 
          Death Date:	23 Jul 1943
            Cemetery:	Tablets of The Missing At East Coast Memorial 
Cemetery Burial Plot:	Missing in Action or Buried at Sea 
       Cemetery City:	New York City 
    Cemetery Country:	USA 
		 WAR:	World War II 
	      Awards:	Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart 
	       Title:	Lieutenant Junior Grade 
		Rank:	Lieutenant Junior Grade 
	     Service:	U.S. Navy 
	  Service ID:	0-104802 
	    Division:	United States Naval Reserve 
	 Data Source:	World War II Honor Roll 

World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas 
		Name:	Goree E Waugh
       Inducted From:	Virginia 
		Rank:	Lieutenant Junior Grade 
 Combat Organization:	United States Navy Reserve 
	  Death Date:	23 Jul 1943
	    Monument:	Battery Park, New York City, New York, USA 
   Last Known Status:	Missing 
	 U.S. Awards:	Purple Heart Medal
			Distinguished Flying Cross

UPDATE "...German U-Boat U-598 was sunk 23 July 1943 in the south atlantic near Natal, Brazil by VPB-107. Forty four dead with one survivor LT(jg) Waugh flying VPB-107 B-6 attacked the surfaced u boat in conjection with a second PB4Y-1 piloted by LT W. R. Ford sinking the submarine. LT(jg) Waugh's aircraft apparently suffered damage during the attack plunging into the sea after it's bombing run with the loss of all hands. The submarines identity was confirmed by the sole survivor as U-598...." Contributed by GOODELL, Billie N. goodkemp@aol.com [08MAR2006]

MishapsMISHAPs: 12 AUG 43 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Unknown Strike: Yes BUNO: 32064 Cause: Over due and missing since 0100 12 Aug, east of NAF Natal, Brazil. Suspected enemy action. Crew MIA. Pilot LCDR Bertham Joseph Prueher USN, LT(jg) Grover Cleveland Hannever A-V(N) USNR NA, ENS Robert Tehan USNR NA, ENS Eugene Louis Coupe USNR SNA, ACMM Clyde Adelbert Smith (fo) USNR, ACRM Howard Clifton Brandon (FO) USNR, AMM1 John Roy Van Horn (FO) USNR, AOM1 Gordon Granville Merrick (FO) USNR, RM2 Donald Wayne Gardner (FO) USNR, and SEA2 Joseph Mihalsky (NFO) USNR. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [22JUN2001]

UPDATE "...Name: Tehan, Robert Joseph - Rank: Ensign - Date: August 11, 1943 - Location of Incident: At sea off coast of Brazil - Home Town: St. Louis, Missouri - Other Information: Navy, second pilot of a Liberator B-24. A memeber of the first avaition training group to leave St. Louis University. He engaged in campaign to sink German U-Boats. After attacking one U-boat another surfaced and together shot down the bomber as it continued it's attack on the German submarines. He was born in Columbia, Missouri on November 18,1921. Name on memorial in Soldiers Square St. Louis, Missouri. Was also awarded: Distinguished Flying Cross, Presidential Unit Citation and World War II Victory Medal..." [29JAN2004]

UPDATE "...I am intersted in finding all the information you have available on squadron VP-107 during WWII. My father was lost on 8-11-43 while attacking the U-604, U-185, and U-172. The plane was called the Spirit of 83 and was flown by Bertram Prueher. It was lost with all hands during this attack. Thanks - Winston Smith w234smith@msn.com..." [30DEC2003]

UPDATE "...Ensign Robert Tehan was KIA. Stationed at NAF Natal, Brazil with VPB-107. 15 PB4Y-1's were assigned to this unit. His bomber was 107-B-1 "Spirit of VP-83. VP-83 was decommissioned on 15th May 1943 and VPB-107 was commisioned on 15th May 1943 with the same personnel and new bombers. Lt.Cdr. Bertram Joseph Prueher, USN was commander of this unit and the head pilot of this aircraft. The bomber engaged submarines from the 3rd of August until the 12th of August 1943 when it was shot down by a AA fire from a surfaced sub on a second bomb run. Four officers and six enlisted personnel were lost on this mission. My uncle was 22 at the time of his death. I am looking for anyone who may have known him. He trained at Lambert Field in St. Louis with the Aviation Group From St. Louis University and was called to active duty in 1942. He then did further training at Pensecola before going to NAF Natal, Brazil. I was named after him and would like to know more about him and his unit. Thanks...Robert Edward Tehan rtehan47@aol.com..." [E-Mail Updated 06NOV2006 | 13JAN2000]

MishapsMISHAPs: 15 OCT 43 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Parnamerim, Natal, Brazil Strike: Yes BUNO: 32052 Cause: Retracted gear before airbone. Aircraft was prepared for take-off at end of runway in accordance with check off list. The propellers were in low pitch and the throttles were opened for take-off to 48"Hg Manifold pressure. Take-off was normal until aircraft became airborne with a nose high attitude. The landing gear lever was moved to the gear "UP" position by the first pilot. Airspeed not noted. A slight cross-wind drifted aircraft to the right side of the runway. The left rudder was applied to hold aircraft on course and nose elevated to maintain altitude. Aircraft fuselage made contact with runway and the port wing began to drag causing aircraft to turn to left skidding on bottom of fuselage. Aircraft came to rest with starboard wing down approximately one-hundred-ten degrees from take-off course. Gross weight at take-off was 67,000lbs. Crew: Pilot LT Leonard Shirley (Injured), Co-Pilot LT(jg) Guy S. Brown (Injured), 3rd Pilot ENS Wayne A. Grimm (Injured), LCDR Renfro Turner (Injured), ENS Arlin E. W. Fritz, AMM2 Billie Goodel (Injured), AMM2 James M. Leftwinch (Injured), AMM2 Elza L. Smothers, RM1 Etzio R. Giombi, RM3 Floyd K. Gamble, RM2 Loranzie Wallace and AOM3 Kenneth J. Schwartz. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [24AUG2001]

UPDATE "...Remains of the Galloping Ghost of the Brazillian Coast - Fundacao Rampa - Natal, Brasil http://www.fundacaorampa.com.br/..." Forwarded by Lee Fleck ljfleck@bellsouth.net [21SEP2008]

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UPDATE History - Tap To Enlarge ThumbnailCameraThe Ghost "...Crash of the Ghost..." Contributed by GOODELL, Billie N. goodkemp@aol.com [08MAR2006]

On October the 14th, 1943 my crew had the day off after several anti submarine patrols. The officer of the day came up to my tent and asked if I would come down to the OD's office. When I came in I was asked to have a seat. He said. Goodell the Commanding Officer is going on a inspection trip to Ascension Island tomorrow and I want you to get your plane ready. The next day october 15th the Commanding Officer Captain Renfro Turner and his inspection crew came out to the plane. We loaded and for the take off we had to move most of the personel forward. I had a couple on the catwalk in the bombay. My position is always standing between the pilot and copilot. CDR Turner was sitting behind the pilot on a piece of radio gear. He was reading a book called "The Importance of Living." We checked the rpm and the tower gave us permission to roll. We were up to about a hundred and fifty miles per hour and lifted off and were about two hundred feet in the air when the plane started losing altitude. The left wing hit and number four prophit and snapped off and hit the engine next to it and it hit the fuselage splitting the side where the Captain was sitting. He had injuries to his back. After the prop hit it glanced to the bow cutting off the plexis glass and setting off about two hundred rounds of fifty caliber ammo. The nose wheel came up through the deck and I ended up with cuts on my leg. The men in the bombbay had cuts and bruises. After a few bounces and skids we came to a stop. We got out fast for we had nine bombs and a three hundred gallon gas tank in the bomb bay. By that time all the fire and crash crew arrived the bombs were so hot they had to spray them down before digging them out. It was a lucky day for us but the end of the Galloping Ghost. BUNO 32052 was written off the books.

MishapsMISHAPs: 02 JAN 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Brazil Strike: Yes BUNO: 32065 Cause: Anti-blockade runner sweep; At sea After eight and one half hourse of patrol, plane sighted enemy vessel. While investigating, the plane was hit by enemy gunfire outboard of #4 engine causing a slight gas leak, which the pilot later reported had stopped. the plane after hearing of relief departed forty-five minutes before P.L.B. When last heard from, pilot reported two engine failures, that he was running out of fuel,losing altiude and preparing to ditch. Crew killed due to enemy action. Pilot Robert L. Johnson A-V(N) USNR, Ens James H. Wells USNR, Ens John D. Cowan USNR, Ens Eugene Powers A-V(S) USNR, Amm2c Russell Hamilton, Rm2c William B. Winter, Aom3c Edward J. Fisher, Amm3c Donald W. Carpenter, Rm3c Joslyn Simpson, and Sea2c George E. Roper. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [28AUG2001]

UPDATE "...My Uncle, AMM2 Russell Hamilton, was lost January 2nd, 1944 while flying with the VPB-107. Here is a letter written to my grandfather from George Brownlee, Jr..." Contributed by CMSgt Hamilton chiefham18@yahoo.com [24AUG2016]

VPB-107 History

UPDATE History ThumbnailCameraVPB-107 Mishap History History "...Official VPB-107 Accident History prepared by LT(jg) Boyce S. McCoy - Historical Officer - 09APR45..." [24AUG2016]

UPDATE "...Donald W. Carpenter was my half-brother. I never met him as he died on Jauary 2nd, 1944, and I was born a decade after the war ended. He served in VPB-107. I know he was a crew member of a PB4Y-1 called the "Macahyba Maiden." From what I can find out, it appears that he spent most of the war in Brazil or on Acension island. Since I never did get to meet him, I was hoping someone could give me some information about him. Best, Roger Carpenter rogcarp@yahoo.com..." [21NOV2004]

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