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Memorial Picture "...SULLIVAN, John J. (JJ)...Just wanted to notify you that John J. (JJ) Sullivan died a couple of days ago from pneumonia and emphysema..." Contributed by DeVARNEY, AWCS David "Devo" Retired navydevo@aol.com [23JAN2002]

Memorial Picture "...SUMNER, AO Charles "Frank"...My Beloved Father, AO Charles "Frank" Sumner, has passed away July 12th, 2011 from his battle with cancer. Dad served with VP-6 and VP-48. He and our family loved the Navy. He will be put to rest with full honors at the National Cemetery in Riverside CA on Monday July 18th 2011 at 12:30pm. If you knew my father and would like to attend his service please contact me. "Good Hunting Father"..." Contributed by Robert Sumner rsumner2062@roadrunner.com [15JUL2011]

Memorial Picture "...SUPINA, AT3 Rudolph J. "Soup"...Would like to notify Shipmates of the passing of AT3 Rudolph J. "Soup" SUPINA who lost his fight against lung cancer on February 19th, 2006. Rudy served in PBM`s from 1950 to 1954 with VP-44 and ATU-700. Rudy retired as Director of Highway Maintenance for the State of Connecticut and was extremely proud of his time in the VP Navy...Ken Hayes adrc52@aol.com..." [27MAR2006]

Memorial Picture "...SURRETT, John...It is with great sadness that I am posting notice of the passing of John Surrett after a valiant battle with cancer. Lt. Surrett was the PPC of my first flight crew as an ATSAN 3rd Tech VP-4 Crew 9 1961 flying P2V-5FS aircraft. He was highly respected by all as a crew leader and Naval Aviator. Services 11:00 AM July 22, 2005 St. David's Church Kennebunkport, ME...Steve "Andy" Andruszkewicz sgpa2zfmly@aol.com..." [19JUL2005]

SUAREZ, Martin martinsuarez1955@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 with a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I flew with CAC-7 during deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily (1981-1982)..." [12MAR2021]

SUAREZ, Tony R. tony.suarez@att.net "...I am looking for any of my Shipmates that served with me (FAW-14 and FAW-4) in Shemya. We were assigned to PB4Y2's which made bombing missions to the Japanees Kuril Islands in 1945. Our escorts were P-38's which were station on NAS Attu, Alaska. Appreciate hearing from anyone having information on the Privateer squadrons assigned on that Island. Apparently, there are'nt many of us left. I got my boot traning in NAS North Island, San Diego, California 1943, attended service schools in NAS Norman, Oklahoma and NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Stationed also at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York, NAS Seattle, Washington, and NAS Kodiak, Alaska, before going to NAS Attu, Alaska and Shemya..." [E-Mail Updated 03MAY2008 | E-Mail Updated 15MAY2004 | 17MAY99]

SUBRITZKY, Mike kusza@ihug.co.mz "...I was a Gunner in the New Zealand Army and served as an Aircraft Loader with VXE-6 Squadron during the Summer Support of 1973 - 1974. Captain A. N. Fowler was the Commander, and CB "Moose" Marino was the Mayor of Mack town. I wrote an article about Christmas 1973 with the Squadron which can be viewed on the Kiwi Gunner web site at: http://riv.co.nz/rnza/tales/antarctica.htm. My very warmest regards to all members of VXE-6 Squadron, and Dave Hazard, Gary Roth and others. God Bless..." [07JUN2000]

SUERTH, William (Fat Pat) c/o J. Mc Namara MCNAM2@WORLDNET.ATT.NET "...I served with "Operation Deep Freeze" (VX-6/VXE-6) in the 1960's & 1970's. He was stationed at NAS Point Mugu, California during that period and spent a lot of time in Anartica..." [27JUN99]

SUGG, Donald R. rich@primary.net "...I was in VW-11 at Argentia Newfoundland from may 1962 to feb 1964. Mission's flown out of NAS Keflavik, Iceland..." [23APR98]

SUGGS, AZC Chuck Retired chumar39@aol.com "...I reported to the AMD at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam in May 1971 as an AZ1. The MO's were CDR Daniel P. Jones (a former VP pilot) and CDR E. A. Corbett. Lots of great people at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I think VP-1 had a detachment there at the time. Captain B. E. Goering was CO when I left in December 1971 as an AZC to report to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, joining VAQ-131 from where I retired in 1975. Lot of interface with VP folks. Particularly remember former VP man AZ1 Don Hatley with VAQ-131. He was also former Army in Korea and held a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Note: Anyone having a spare NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, esp AMD patch, could see it to me easily..." [25AUG2004]

SUGLIO, (Deceased) AMSAN Tom tsuglio@aol.com "...I was in VP-42 from Sept 60 to May 62. I also spent a lot of time in VP-31 in training and I also worked at the sea plane ramp launching and recovering P5Ms. I noticed that the VP-42 Memorial to fallen friends is missing the September 1962 loss of ten of our Shipmates in P5M-2 BuNo 47937, while TAD at NAS Adak, Alaska. They crashed into a mountainside at 1500 feet on Montague Island (5947N 14749W Cape Cleare South-east slope) in the Gulf of Alaska. Their names were LCdr. Henry B. Nix, Pilot; Lt. Allen Feinstein, Co-pilot, Ltjg. Lawrence S. Hembree, Navigator; David L. Hart, Aviation Electronics Tech; Romy G. Bradberry, Aviation Electrician; Ralph C. Poort, Aviation machinists Mate; James L. Kirky, Aviation Electronics Tech; Hiram C. Hurd Aviation Ordinance man; Ralph D. King, AMS; and Robert J. Joss Aviation Electronics Tech. Last year I passed this information along to compiler of the VPI book in Canada, for inclusion into the Honour Roll Memorial. I would love to hear from old Shipmates..." [Deceased Notice Posted 14NOV2002 | 15FEB99]

SUITER, MCPO Dave Retired daves62gp@comcast.net "...I attended "B" School in 1964, USS Furse (DD-882) supporting the Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter (DASH) on DD-882 (1964), NAS Sanford, Florida (Instructor), NAS Albany, Georgia (Instructor), RVAH-7 (1970-1973), NAMTD Oceana (Instructor) to (1974-1977), VA-35 (1978-11/1979) and retired. I know live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Fell into radar job with NASA at Wallops Island, VA. and retired again in 2003. Went to one VW Reunion at Rantoul,IL. Only a few faces and names were familiar. Feels good to remember Shipmates and friends from so long ago..." [12OCT2011]

SULIGOWSKI, Leonard J. len218a@mindspring.com "...I'm afraid I hit on a passel of shortimers. Maybe! I was in VC-11, (AEW) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Back in 1951/1952 we had AD4W (Guppys) and some TBM 3-E's. I made my first Korean Cruise aboard the Bon Homme Richard CV-31 from May to December 1951 after qualifiying aboard the Bataan, Wright & Monterey (all CVL's). Since then I've been trying to get in touch with anyone from team "George". I think they all died and went......Somewhere..." [08AUG99]

SULLINAN, John F. jrs526@yahoo.com "...I served with VU-4 (1956-1958) and worked in Operations and Maintenance..." [17AUG2015]

SULLIVAN, AD3 Bill c/o Denise Averett dlaverett@msn.com "...My Dad, Bill Sullivan, served with VP-49 from 1956 to 1960..." [12APR2004]

SULLIVAN, ADC Curt csullivan@dishmail.net "...I served with VP-17 from 1979 to 1983 as a P-3 Instructor Engineer..." [22AUG2009]

SULLIVAN, JOHN A SULLIVAN.JOHNA@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV "...I was a member of VP-6 1952-1955 flew in BE1(1I50), BE8(8I50). My rating at the time was AL3..."

SULLIVAN, John J. (JJ) jj1313@hotmail.com "... NAS Glenview, Illinois (1955-1960), VS-72 NAS Los Alamitos, California (1960-1962), ASWTAC School (1966-1970), VP-6 (1970-1974), VP-31 (1974-1975), and retired (9-75). Worked for McDonnell Douglas Hellicopters and retired in 1993. Loved those P-3's except the one I swam out of on 5 DEC 71..." [07NOV2000]

SULLIVAN, J. T. jackpv1@aol.com

SULLIVAN, J. P. ctellis@primenet.com "...I was with VP-19 from 80-81. Just wanted to say hello to all former VP-19 persons,and hello to JW, Boz, CDR Floyd, Harkins, & West. Would like to hear from any and all..." [20OCT99]

SULLIVAN, Jackie JSulli3001@AOL.COM "...I served with VP-11 from June of 1977 until July 1993. The squadron was great and so were the people. It is great to see a website dedicated to the greatest job in the NAVY, the VP outfit. NAS Brunswick, Maine was my second home and it was beautiful..." [28APR2000]

SULLIVAN, James M. c/o His Son James W. Sullivan SullivanMarvin@aol.com "...I would like to hear from anyone who served with my father James M. Sullivan in VPB-71 in Samar in 1945. His PBY serial number ended in 03. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you..." [08APR2001]

SULLIVAN, LCDR John V. Jr. Retired jvsullivanjr@gmail.com "...I served (pilot) with Pilot VP-19 (1977-1980) at NAS Moffett Field, California with deployments to NAS Adak, Alaska, NAF Misawa, Japan, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and Detachments to NSF Diego Garcia and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, VT-2 (1980-1981) at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, VP-90 (1982-1985) at NAS Glenview, Illinois, VP-92 (1985-1987) at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts and VP-93 (1987-1994) at NAF Detroit, Michigan. I flew with Delta Airlines from 1985-2017 to retirement..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21SEP2020 | 05AUG2015]

SULLIVAN, John William http://www.usna.com/history/classof1940/S.htm "..Sully was born in Pittsburgh, PA, December 1, 1916. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sherman Sullivan. Sully's first duty was on board the battleship USS NEVADA, in which he served as a junior officer in the engineering department from July, 1940, until January, 1941. He then served in cruisers -- USS AUGUSTA and USS MONTPELIER -- until January, 1943, as electrical engineering officer in the former and as radio officer in the latter. He then was assigned to the battleship USS NEW JERSEY in the gunnery department. He left this ship in July, 1946 to attend PG School, then reported to the Hurricane Weather Central in Miami, Florida, serving there until May, 1949, as executive officer. While at PG School, he married Delight Anderson at Greenwich, CT. He became senior flight aerologist with VP-23, then left this duty in September, 1950 and was assigned to the Fleet Weather Central in Norfolk as executive officer. In June, 1952, he became executive officer and later Officer-in- Charge, Fleet Weather Central in Miami. He was transferred from this duty in December, 1953, to the cruiser USS LOS ANGELES in the Pacific, serving as operations officer in that ship. The landing ship USS CASA GRANDE was his next duty. He served as commanding officer from July, 1955, to December, 1956, at which time he was selected to command the destroyer USS PUTNAM. He served in this command until reporting to the staff of SACLANT, as Executive Assistant in the Plans, Policy and Operations Department. In March, 1960, Sully assumed command of USS SHASTA, where he served until reporting to EPDOLANT to assume command in 1961. He held this position until his retirement as a Captain on 30 September 1964. Next came the 1970's, devoted to Academia, and Boy Scouts. On August 20, 1970, Sully received his Master of Science in Education from the Darden College of Education, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. In June, 1975, he was awarded the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Education from the College of William & Mary for 30 semester hours of graduate study beyond the Master's Degree. He taught math at Kempsville High School and Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, and he was Administrator of Advanced Studies at Tidewater Community College. Sully again retired, and also from his Boy Scout Troup, with its 4 Eagles. Since 1969, Sully owned large motor yachts and, until his death on 10 March 1990, traveled the Eastern Seaways with his wife, Dee, six sons and twin daughters -- and his dogs. Sadly, son Lawrence, was killed in 1981. Dee and the other children survive: Waiter, USNA Class of 70; John; Mark, USNA Class of '74; Kerry; Kraig; Jan; Jill; 1 grandson and 3 granddaughters..." [01JUN2003]

SULLIVAN, CAPTAIN Ken Retired ksulli124@aol.com "...Happy to plug into names/faces from grand, memorable VP career. Flew P-5s and P-3s with VP-48 from 1965-1968 (flew sguadron's 1st P-3A from factory to NAS Moffett Field, California), Safety/NATOPS and Ops in VP-44 from 1974-1976, XO/CO of VP-10 from 1977-1979, CO of VP-31 from 1981-1982, and CO of NAS Adak, Alaska from 1985-1987. I am now totally retired. Ann and I are entrenched in Columbia, SC, where I entusiastically attend family patriarch duties, yell at the TV, hunt, fish, and travel to hide out and philosophically reflect--upon my life and navel--at mountain/homplace cabin in VA. Would appreciate a signal from any old Shipmates..." [31JUL2002]

SULLIVAN, Maurice G. gened@att.net "...I served with FASRON-110 (12/1950-10/1953) and worked in the Sheet Metal Shop..." [05JAN2014]

SULLIVAN, AX3 Mike michael.j.sullivan292.nfg@mail.mil "...I served VP-1 (1968-1970)..." [12DEC2012]

SULLIVAN, ADJ3 Richard ssbilly6@aol.com "...I served with VP-832 during Cuban Crisis..." [BIO Updated 05NOV2013 | 01NOV2013]

SULLIVAN, Thomas P. c/o His Daughter Cori Miller taekwondokids@aol.com "...We are researching information on my dad's service, Thomas P. Sullivan of St. Louis, Mo. He served with VP-29, Crew 7, based in NAS Atsugi, Japan in the years approx 1952-1954. We also are interested in learning more about the time he spent in the winter of 1954 in Operation Castle. For anyone stationed with him, my mother has numerous photos from his service time, though we are unable to identify most of the people in the photos. Some are large base and squadron photos, others are personal photos..." [22APR2002]

SULLIVAN, Tom fyrboss@aol.com "...I was with VP-90 from October 1972 to January 1993 as a selres..."

SULLIVAN, William H. (Tojo) mailliw@pacbell.net "...How comes nobody is telling about VB-107...the Liberators out of Belem to Ascension? I was Radioman when "Dutch" lost his cool - anybody remember? They called me "Tojo" because of my mustache. After a strafing run on a "seacow" a radio transmission was heard making reference to a "blanketyblank" Japanese. No sense of humor, those Germans!..." [11MAY99]

SUMMERS, AME2 Jenny trekkiexb5@hotmail.com "...I am at VQ-2 from December 1996 to December 2000. The "Q" is a very interesting place to be stationed. I've been to some of the remote det sites..." [02SEP2000]

SUMMERS, AFCM Tom Retired Summetho@Aquinas.edu "...As a VP crewdog, SP2E NAS Dallas 64-68, SP2H VP 60 plankowner 70-72, P3A VP 93 plankowner 76-79 I appreciate the site and any opportunity to hear from former shipmates. Fair winds..."

SUMMERS, AMC(AW)(SEL) Wayne (Bartman) summers1232000@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-90, VP-62, AIMD NAS Glenview, Illinois, stood up NAR Santa Clara, NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, VR-59 (C-9's) and VR-59 (C-40's). Alot of familiar names on that list. Hope to hear from you guys..." [28JUN2004]

SUMNER, Frank CFrankSumner@aol.com "...I served with VP-48 at NAS Moffett Field, California from June 1967 until December 1970. I was an aviation Ordanceman. I flew with crews 3 and 8. I was also stationed in VP-6 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, from Febuary 1972 to December 1974..." [16DEC2000]

SUMNER, Steve lsc9901@juno.com "...I served with VP-31 Det NAS North Island, San Diego, California from about March 1969 to December 1969 and then NAS Atsugi, Japan. Looking for Cliff Slater (his email address is no good). Would love to contact him again..." [16APR2009]

SUMNER, Tonii melomuzik@yahoo.com "...Most people remember me as AN Sumner from VP-50 in NAS Moffett Field, California from 89-92. WESTPAC 89-90' NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. NTTC Millington 92-93 AE "A" School Memphis, TN. 93-94' VX-4 NAS Point Mugu, California and VX-5 China Lake. In 1993 I was part of the All-Armed Forces Navy Track and Field Team and competed in Atlanta, GA. Got out in 1994 from NTC San Diego. Currently live in the Atlanta, GA area. Any of my my buddies from NAS Moffett Field, California, please email me..." [17NOV2000]

SUNDBOM, Steven srs@gvtel.com "...I served with VP-48 (1971-1974)..." [26DEC2010]

SUNZERE, AE3 Frank J. Fsunzere@aol.com "...I served with VP-30 from October 1986 to December 1998. I would like to get in touch with former Shipmates..." [16APR2003]

SUPINA, AT3 Rudolph J. "Soup" (Deceased) rsupina@charter.net "...I did my Boot at the Lakes in November 1950. Served with VP-44 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia and became an AT striker (ATAN). Then to "A" school at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and "B" school in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, then to ATU-700 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from early 1952 to discharge in September 1954. I flew as a radar/radioman (AT-3) and was part of the search effort in May 1954 when one of our aircraft went in south of Brownsville, TX. Quinton Killion was the radioman on that flight and a personal friend of mine. I would like to correspond with any one that may remember me..." [Deceased 27MAR2006 | E-Mail Updated 01SEP2003 | 04SEP2002]

SURETTE, Jim jimsurette@verizon.net "...I served with VP-6 (1980-1983) with deployments to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, and NAS Adak, Alaska. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [31AUG2011]

SURKONT, AW1 Glenn glenden.s@gmail.com "...I served with VP-10 (1975-1979), ASWOC (1979-1982) at NAS Brunswick, Maine and Special Projects (1983-1984). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [18FEB2014]

SURRENCY, Michael J. Retired michael.surrency@lmco.com "...I served with VP-62 from 1978-1983 and 1990-1993..." [E-Mail Updated 13OCT2005 | 16FEB2001]

SUTHER, Thomas W. Jr (Tom) Rehtus@AOL.com "...I was designated PPc on PB4Y2's 24 Feb 1948. I went to China with the BAT VP-25. Flew one of the strikes against the BB Nevada when she was painted red at to A-Bomb tests. When CDR Norry Johnson came to the squadron as C.O. I was made his Co-Pilot, being the junior PPC at the time. We went to Chna, and flew Typhons out og Guam. I am going to spend a long time checking these pages. Already found Charlie Welling's account. Would like to hear from any of the old VP-25 members..." [09AUG99]

SUTHERLAND, CMC John "Scott" Retired sutherland.j@comcast.net "...Subs: USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN-602 (66-68) USS Tigrone AGSS-419 (69-70) VP-65 74-78 83-84 86-88 NAR NAS Point Mugu, California 84-85 VP-91 78-82 96-99 VA-304 88-93 CRPWP 93-96. NAR Santa Clara/NARCEN San Jose 99-01 Retired 2001 as CMC. Worked at NUMMI until 2009. Attended a memorial service for VP-50 at Moffett Field today. 21 Mar 91 VP-50 lost two planes and 27 crewmembers in a midair off the socal coast. They are not forgotten..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21MAR2010 | 02SEP98]

SUTLIFF, CAPTAIN R. C. "...Captain Sutliff's Naval career began with entrance into the Naval Academy, from which he graduated in 1924. Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Arizona on which he served for one year. In June 1925 he was transferred to the USS Huron on the Asiatic Station, and was again transferred in August 1926 to the USS Palos, a Yangtze River (Training) Patrol Ship. In 1927 he was advanced to Lieutenant junior grade. He returned to the Continental United States in June 1928 for flight training at the NAS Pensacola, Florida. In May 1929 he was graduated and assigned to flight duty on the USS Nevada. In 1931 he was returned to Pensacola as instructor where he remained until July 1932. In July 1932 he attended the post graduate school at Annapolis. During this time he was advanced to Lieutenant senior grad. In September 1934 he entered Harvard University, studying Communications Engineering. In 1935 he became Navigation, Engineering and Flight Officer of VP-5 aboard the USS Ranger. In 1936 his squadron was moved to the USS Lexington. He remained there until June 1937 when he became Officer in Charge of the Aircraft Radio Test Section at NAS Anacostia, Washington, D.C.. In November 1939 he became attached to the Bureau of Engineering (Navigation Dept.) in charge of Aircraft Radio Section. It was during this time that he was advanced to Lt. Comdr. In June 1940 he assumed command of VS Squadron 3, aboard the USS Saratoga. Served as Executive Officer of, Advanced Carrier Training Group, San Diego from August 1941 to November 1941. Ordered to the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, Washington, D. C. from November 1941 to September 1942. From September 1942 to october 1943 - Connection fitting out of the USS Lexington and on board as the Executive Officer. Served as Chief of Staff for Com. Car Div. 1 from October 1943 to March 1944. Commanding Officer of the USS Prince William from April 1944 to February 1945. Aviation Officer on the staff of Cinclant February 1945 to March 1946. Commanding Officer NAS Kodiak, Alaska from june 1946 to present date..." [05JUL2003]

SUTTON, Fred A. Sr. c/o Laura Sutton lmsaeling@cablerocket.com "...My grandfather, Fred A. Sutton, Sr. was stationed at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1944 - 1946 and was assigned to CASU-2 and FASRON-117. ANY information, connections, etc. are requested ... thank you! He is still alive and well (April 2005)..." [08APR2005]

SUTTIE, CAPTAIN Richard Retired rinavy@aol.com "...I served in VP-46 (1981-1983), VP-31 (1984-1987), VP-9 (1990-1992), Executive Officer VP-31 (1993-1994) and Commanding Officer VT-31 (1996), American Embassy in London and then completed a one year fellowship at Harvard University, 11 years on staff at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI and retired from active duty in 2006. I now live in Los Angeles, CA and working in the education field. I would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 13MAR2013 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 24FEB2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 18JAN2001 | 24FEB98]

SUTTON, ADJC Forrest S. Jr. Retired shipmates pix...circa May 1967...papa@forrestsutton.com "...I started with the VP's in November 1956 when I was ordered to VP-45 in Bermuda. What a beautiful island. While I served with VP-45 as second wiper, I worked in Power Plants for Chief Ray Fussell. I left Bermuda in May of 1959 for Shore duty and the training command. I was assigned to VP-5 In 1964 after the rag at VP-30. I was second wiper during my training on Capt Pates Crew. Great bunch of guys there. I took over as PC on crew 4 and stayed with them till we transition to the P3. I was with Crew 8 then with Bob May as the PPC and Lt Williams as PP2P. 1st Tech Anderson. I left VP-5 in September 1968 and reported to VX-1 where I flew P3's and ran into old friends from my past squadrons...Namely CDR Agnue from VP-45 Bermuda and AW1 Josh Pierce from VP-5. Plus lots of others. After I left VX-1 I went to the Tail hook navy for a couple of years before retiring in June 1974...Golly been retired now for 23 years....LOL...I just moved back to Beeville to retire. I November 1959 I arrived at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas and was assigned to ATU-203. I was there it became VT-24. I left VT-24 28 November 1963 and went to VP-5 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I came to Chase as and AD3 and left as an ADJ1. I retired from the Navy on 10 June 1974..." WebSite: http://www.forrestsutton.com [BIO Updated 18MAY2005 | E-Mail/WebSite Updated 02JAN99]

SUTTON, LT Mike dtw757@comcast.net "...I served with VP-22 as a pilot from 1980-1983 (mostly Crew 1). I left to go back as an Instructor at NAS Pensacola, Florida and then to the Airlines (currently flying 747-400s - give me multi-engine any day). I flew some Reserves with both the SAU and VP-69 in 1985 out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Looking for any information on AT2 Daniel Barefoot, LT Michael Tobia, and LT Douglas Atkins..." [E-Mail Updated 01AUG2003 | Updated E-Mail 20OCT2000 | Updated E-Mail 14AUG99 | 21JAN99]

SUTTON, Thomas R. "Tom" papasutton@gmail.com "...I served with VAP-61 (1966-1968) and flew as a crewman..." [25JUL2013]

SUTTON, William wmsutton@intrstar.net "...Worked in metal shop, and paraloft 1960-61. Assigned to squardon VW-11. like to hear from fellow Shipmates..." [09APR2000]

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