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Memorial Picture "...SPARKS, CDR Robert R. "RR"...I am looking for anyone who knew my father. His name was Robert Sparks. He was an officer and known as RR Sparks. I have found that he served with VQ-1, Commanding Officer of VQ-2, Commanded a VW-2 Detachment, NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco (1950's), USS Princeton (1960), Pentagon (early 1960) and Commanding Officer NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1965) where he was lost in a Helicopter mishap. Dad flew PBYs, P4M's and other aircraft. I was only 11 when he died and I didn't know him well. To anyone who knew him, I would love to hear stories...Nancy Sparks sparks2254@gmail.com..." [27OCT2009]

Memorial Picture "...SPENCER, French P...My great Uncle, French P. Spencer, served with FAW-3 (1945-1946). I would love to hear from someone that knew him there and especially any photos of him..." Contributed by OS1 (SW/AW) Anthony Spencer jester7512@gmail.com [23JUL2013]

Memorial Picture "...SPENCER, LT W. Bruce...My Father, W. Bruce Spencer, LT USNR (Retired) passed away on June 22, 2004 in Tequesta, FL. A licensed pilot before he was a licensed driver or graduated high school. Bruce joined the Navy in early 1943 and later flew PV-1s with VPB-126 in Brazil. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire and worked for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as a Test Engineer while continuing to fly with Navy Reserve. Among his notable projects while at Pratt, Dad tested the fuel cells for the Apollo spacecraft and the original engines for the F-15 Eagle. He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Ruth, sons Steven and Bradford, daughter Joan and 6 grandchildren...Steven Spencer grnmtgrl@sover.net..." [02JUL2004]

Memorial Picture "...SPERRY, William A....Sad to announce the death of VP-10 Red Lancer AX1 William A. Sperry (1963-1966) who passed away suddenly on December 28, 2002...WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com..." [25JAN2003]

Memorial Picture "...SPORER, AT3 Robert Lee...AT3 VP 10 1952 - 1955 passed away in 2008..." Contributed by WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com [29JAN2009]

Memorial Picture "...SPRADLEY, Mike...It is with sadness that I report the passing of Mike Spradley of VP-9. He died recently after a bout of cancer that spread beyond stopping. He died March, 19, 2011. We all will miss him and the joy he gave us..." Contributed by Jim Hawkins hawkvp9@yahoo.com [17JUN2011]

Memorial Picture "...SPROUSE, Thomas P...I've been piecing together my grandfather's military history and came across some papers showing my grandfather was part of the VS-2 (Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron) and VB-108 (Bombing Squadron) from November 1943 to July 1944. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away March 1980 along with his stories. I just wanted to include him here. Thank you...Shannon Greathouse gr8hse@yahoo.com..."[30MAY2007]

Memorial Picture "...SPURLOCK, Ira...Yesterday, May 29, 2002, I attended the funeral of Ira Spurlock a Navy Chief Petty Officer who was so proud to have been a part of Operation Truculent Turtle that the family icluded it in his obiturary. I must confess, although I had known Ira for most of my life, this was news to me as I had never heard of the "Turtle" before. I looked it up tonight and found this site. Thought you would like to know of his passing...Marilyn Carnell, Ph.D. marilyn@olemac.net..."[31MAY2002]

Ira H. Spurlock
October 7, 1917 - May 25, 2002

Mr. Ira H. Spurlock, 84, of Pineville, MO died at 4:48 a.m. Saturday, May 25, 2002 at Gravette Medical Center in Gravette, AR after an illness.

Mr. Spurlock was born on October 7, 1917 in Caverna, MO to the late Robert Henry and Alma May (Slinkard) Spurlock. He had lived in McDonald County all of his life. He served eight years as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy during WWII, when he was also involved in the Truculent Turtle Project.

He was a member of the Pineville/Jane American Legion Post #392.

He was a farmer, and a member of the United Methodist Church in Pineville, MO.

He was preceded in death by his parents, a brother, Ralph Spurlock and a grandson, Dylan Allgood.

He married Joy Ann Dotson Magee on August 9, 1956 at Wheaton, MO. She survives.

Additional survivors include a son, Ira Scott Spurlock and wife, Gina of Mannford, OK; three daughters, Pam Davis of Anderson, MO, Piper McKinney and husband, Jim of Pineville, MO, Melanie Allgood and husband, Dewey of Jane, MO; a sister Letha Head of Bentonville, AR; and ten grandchildren.

Military rites conducted by the Pineville/Jane American Legion Post #392....

Funeral services held at 10:00 a.m. - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 Place of rest: Jane Cemetery, Jane, Missouri"

SPADACCINO, Martin spadman61@hotmail.com "...Started out in AE "A" school, NAS Millington, Tennessee, then on to P-3 FRAMP at VP-30, 1982. Assigned to VP-24, 1983-86, and deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Bermuda. Next assigned to AIMD NAS Bermuda, 1986-90. Then VX-1, 1990-93. Move North to VP-26 , 1993-97, deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily twice and NAS Keflavik, Iceland again. Moved back to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland with Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron, 1997-2000. Last trip North back to VP-26, and a last deployment to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, again. Transferred to the Fleet Reserve Feb, 2002, and moved back home to Levittown, PA..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 23APR2007 | 30JUN98]

SPADARELLA, Tony tonyspad@earthlink.net "...I served with VXN-8 (The World Travelers) from June 1976 to June 1979. I was a utility aircrewman and flew on Project MAGNET, BIRDSEYE, and SEASCAN. From April 1986 to September, 1993, I flew as a civilian technician/project specialist supporting worldwide geophysical and oceanographic surveys aboard those same aircraft while attached to NAVOCEANO. After the disestablishment of VXN-8, I flew with NRL for two years onboard MAGNET and BIRDSEYE. The Project SEASCAN aircraft (BUNO: 153443) is presently attached to the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School and is training future test pilots in the evaluation of FLIR and Radar systems. I am presently working with Fixed Wing Maritime Survailance (AIR here at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and am supporting test pilot school with this effort. I am again an aircrewman aboard the P-3 and have approximately 6,000 hrs of flight time. I would like to hear from any of the old VXN-8 crews and swap some stories..." [E-Mail Updated 23DEC2002 | 19JAN98]

SPAIN, CW03 William H. Jr. Retired spain-wh@redstone.army.mil "...Reference to WV-2/EC-121K, 145931 of VW-1. I was Flight Crewchief of TE-5 (Rainproof Five) prior to my departure for shore duty at VT-31, NAS Corpus Christi, Texas in November 1967. When I left TE-5 had a life size painting of Andy Capp on the left hand side of the aircraft, he was holding a bottle of San Miguel beer in one hand. There was also four or five small propellers under the pilots side window representing engine changes, we kept getting engines from overhaul that started making metal on initial start-up. The APS-45 radome had large painted letters (RFI) on the left hand side toward the rear. We had made a set of wheel covers for the nose wheels (a white star with a red ball center on a field of blue) and used them for awhile until the powers that be forced us to remove them, they looked really good. We operated out of " Mary T's " when deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and Chu Lia MCAS when in RVN (Our first deployments to RVN we operated along with VQ-1 at DeNang)..." [17DEC2001]

SPAINHOWER, Robert D. robertspainhower@alltel.net "...I would really enjoy contact with any VP-19 personnel who served between 1953 and 1956, those "forgotten" years..." [21MAR99]

SPANGENBERG, Larry Sr. LDSpankySr@aol.com "...I flew as radio, radar, ECM, operator in PB4Y's with VP-791 and VP-792 as a reserve, out of NAS Memphis, Tennessee from 1955 to ? when we transitioned to the P2V-4. No combat flying but had fun flying down to the Gulf playing ASW with subs and shooting up sunken ships. Also doing night searchlite runs on barges on the Mississippi. Primarily ASW, Secondary minelaying. Lots of fun, good memories, great a/c. I hope this year is not the last for reunions, I haven't attended one yet...also served with VC-11, VW-1, and VP-6..." [E-Mail Updated 13MAY2002 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 14MAY2000 | 24OCT98]

SPANGLER, Carl R. carlspangler2@cox.net "...I served with VP-1 from 1967 to 1970..." [10JUN2004]

SPANKROY, Dave davers@powernet.net "...I was with VP-34 from 1953 to 1955 as a Pilot/Navigator. I had the misfortune to have been watching from the hangar window when when the aircraft hit the sea wall, having lost an engine just after liftoff. The pilots were ENS Ryan and ENS Kebschull. I also served with VP-726 NAS Glenview, Illinois flying P2V's. I would be happy to hear from anyone from the NAS Trinidad, British West Indies - NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone years..." [17DEC2003]

SPANSWICK, YNCS(SW) Ken spanswic@whidbey.net

SPARACINO, Joe sparrow@inetw2.net "...I was in VS-837 during Berlin/Cuban crisis, assigned to ord. Would like to hear from any Shipmates - "ZETZ."..." [06FEB2006]

SPARGO, Glendon glspargo@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Bermuda from 1958 to 1960. I was a P5M Radioman and flew with Crew-5 and Crew-8..." [01DEC2009]

SPARKS, YNC(SS) Don Retired aspks@cox.net "...I was assigned to HATUPAC/VAH-123 from October 13, 1956 to October 2, 1961 as a SN/YN3..." [20OCT2002]

SPARKS, ADR3 Jack jacksparks1944@gmail.com "...I flew as plane captain aboard the P5M, worked in the Power Plants Shop and spent last year assigned to Flight Line. Remember when P2V ditched (May 20th, 1966) into ocean because plane captain was asleep in after station and student 2nd mech was on fuel panel and ran main tanks dry. Our crew did a rocket assisted takeoff at squadron open house in 1966 what a ride...." [16JAN2022]

SPARKS, AZ1 (AW) Michael L. michael.sparks@sunmed.com "...It was my honor and privelage to serve with VP-40 from 1982-1986. My next duty was with VP-31 from 1986 - 1990. I would like to communicate with anyone from those commands..." [15APR2003]

SPARLING, Norman L. bogeynls@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-1 from 1968 to 1970. Left the Navy in 1971 and went to college on the GI Bill. Worked as a medical products salesman till I retired last year. Live in the Columbus Ohio area and would like to hear from Shipmates..." [14APR2010]

SPARR, Marion E. edwashsparrs@hotmail.com "...I was in VP-29 when it was activated from VP-812 in 1951 or 2 and while deployed in Japan . I was an enlisted man radar operator on the Neptune..." [E-Mail Updated 25DEC2004 | E-Mail Updated 04OCT2002 | E-Mail Updated 18JUL2000 | 09APR2000]

SPAULDING, Jerome L. Jerome@sisna.com "...Would like to hear from my shipmates of VP-69. I retired from there in 1986 as the Squadron Master Chief..."

SPAULDING, CAPTAIN Gerry Retired gerkar@comcast.net "...I served with VT-3 from 1969 to 1971, VP-17 from 1972 to 1975 (has a pretty good informal comm network established), VP-23 from 1980 to 1982 (have heard little from Shipmates), VT-28 from 1983 to 1985 (would love to hear from any of the guys and gals who made life so pleasant for me when I was XO/CO). Looking forwarding to hearing from anyone interested in catching up..." Personal WebSite: http://ghspaulding.com/VP-17homepage.htm [E-Mail Updated 29JAN2010 | Updated 03JAN2003 | E-Mail Updated 05DEC2001 | 14JAN2000]

SPAULDING, CDR Ralph ralphswa@hotmail.com "...I was in VP-17 from Mar 67 to Dec 68. I made two deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and flew Market Time patrols from the detachments in Saigon and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I served as Ops Officer and then XO and temporary CO as the squadron transitioned from P2's to P-3's and moved from NAS Whidbey Island, Washington to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I closed down P2 operations at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington before moving on to duty in Washington D.C...." [11SEP2000]

SPEAKS, ADCS Paul Retired pspeaks43@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-31, VP-68, VP-60, Commander Reserve Patrol Wing Atlantic and VP-65 before coming to my senses and going to Flight Engineer School. I served with VF-101 at NAS Key West, Florida and in VF-84 and VF-201 abroad Independence, Saratoga, and Kennedy and as an instructor at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. I also worked on F-8's and A-7's at Ling-Temco-Vaught and on F-111's at General Dynamics. If you have time, drop me an email, I currently work in the entertainment business and get very few opportunities to communicate with my old Navy buddies..." [E-Mail Updated 15AUG2008 | E-Mail Updated 27FEB2004 | 14MAY2000]

SPEAR, AD1 Clinton L. Retired clintspear1@msn.com "...I was at NAS Moffett Field, California and served in VP-46 from 1967 to 1970. Did the NAS Adak, Alaska run on that one. Next, AIMD then on to VP-40 from 1976 to 1977 in the Power Plant shop. I remember a group that used to play in the squadron. Mike Martin, Lt. Scott Evans, and Jim Young. They were "The Marlins". Good down home playin'. I married Diana L. Lasko who herself was in VP-91 at the time. After VP-40, I went on to VP-31 from 1977 to 1980 when I decided to get out and join the Naval Reserve at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. VP-69 from 1980 to 1981. From there to VAQ-133 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and we have been here ever since. Retired due to a bad ticker. Would love to hear from any Shipmates who remember me by the names "Sammy" (from AIMD) and "Pops". Had a diverse Naval career but having a more diverse retirement. You can reach me thru my wifes email address..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2007 | E-Mail Updated 03APR99 | 01MAY98]

SPEAR, Diana Retired dilynne63@msn.com "...I was really pleased to see the VP website online. I was an AZ with VP-91 at NAS Moffett Field, California in the '70's and VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 81 til I retired in 1994. My first husband (AMS2 William S. Lasko) was a Flight Engineer with VP-31 when his plane disappeared in 1972 (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends May 26, 1972). In spite of that unfortunate incident, I've always loved the P-3 and eventually ended up serving in a squadron or two. Thanks so much for the website. It gives me a nice feeling that it's there..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2007 | E-Mail Updated 03APR99 | 26APR98]

SPEARMAN, AT3 Kyle abcorionp3@aol.com "...I was stationed at Nas NAS Moffett Field, California with VP-31 from 1981-1985. I'm looking for a few friends, Todd Sizemore, Norman Bogart, Jim Rugala, and Chuck Melson. If anybody has information please shoot me a line. After leaving the Navy I started working for the California Department of Corrections where I'm still working as a sergeant. Anybody assigned to VP-31 during this time feel free to call..." [06NOV2000]

SPEASE, ATN2 Gary L. liesnflies2@aol.com "...I was in VS-36 from April 1961 to December 1963. I was an ATN2 and also an Air crewman. Would like to hear from anyone that was in the squadron at that time..." [09APR2002]

SPEED, James james.speed@verizon.net "...I was stationed at ASWOC NAS Keflavik, Iceland (77-78) and ASWOC NAS Sigonella, Sicily (78-80). I thoroughly enjoyed both tours! I remember Sal's, anyone remember ole SAMMI the taxi Driver? He passed away in 81 from what I heard. I worked at the ASCOMMS's in both locations. If anyone remembers me, drop me a line!..." [04OCT2004]

SPEED, CDR Stephen R. http://www.news.navy.mil/search/display.asp?story_id=7868 "...XO Takes Charge of VP-64 - Story Number: NNS030610-08 - Release Date: 6/10/2003 7:06:00 AM - From Patrol Squadron 64 Public Affairs - WILLOW GROVE, Pa. (NNS) -- The executive officer of VP-64 stepped up to the squadron's commanding officer slot during a change-of-command ceremony held in their hangar May 17. Cmdr. Stephen R. Speed relieved Cmdr. Richard S. Cline, who transferred to Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing. Speed, a native of Dover, Del., joined the squadron in October 1996 and has since served in seven different positions, including tours as the training officer, operations officer and maintenance officer. He earned his bachelor of science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1985, entered flight training at NAS Pensacola, Florida, and was designated a naval aviator at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, in August 1986. During his 18 years of service, Speed has earned the Navy Achievement Medal and various other personal, unit and theater awards. He has also accumulated more than 5,000 flight hours in P-3 Orion aircraft..." [03JUL2003]

SPEER, Cliff cspeer@keye.com "...June 1959 to July 1961 VS-37. S2F1 & S2F2 Aircrewman AT2 WestPac 1960 USS Hornet..." [21NOV99]

SPEIGHT, Kenneth L. 'Shotgun,' c/o my wife's E-Mail m4lamb@ccse.net "...Where are my shipmates from the years 1952/1958? Anyone who served in VP-46 during these years, and deployed to Sangley Point, and/or stationed at North Island, flying in PBM's, P5M'S; would love to hear from you..."

SPEIR, Bill bs_chugach_foothills@yahoo.com "...I was attached to VP10 from 1968 through 1970 and did tours all over the MED, NAS Bermuda, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, and NS Rota, Spain. Me and my gal Jezebel spent allot of prime time together and looking back I actually do miss the little sweetie(even if she did have just a little BO). Would love to reconnect with Stoobe(sp), Campbell(DOOBE), Purie(RADAR), -- the main tube guys -- not to exclude Mr Mike Brown TACCO and our NAVIGATOR(name slips my memory) who could imitate a trombone quite nicely over the intercom. Does anyone remember when Spainish Flight control in Spain gave us clearence to decend into the Pyrennese mountains? Or how about the the vent caps that weren't removed causing a subsequent fire alarm over those very same fine mountains. We had the very best flight deck crew, they saved our bacon many times by just being the best. Well enough rambling..." [28SEP99]

SPELMAN, Gordon S. e.gordo.1@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-28 from January 1956 until December 1959. In NAS Kodiak, Alaska O'Dell was the pilot. Our navigator was Poppa. In NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Terry was the pilot Bishop was co-pilot for a while then I think it was Saunders. Kingston was 2nd Mechanic. The pilots got a lot of jet time burning off fuel when the blast's were cancelled. The crew that crashed at the end of runway 4 was supposed to have been my flight but Tripler called and said they could get me in that morning. AM3 Francis took my place as Plane Captain. I don't think the pilot had very much time. Plane and crew were exposed to heavy radiation in NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Spent lot of time in shower..." [E-Mail Updated 17NOV2007 | 20MAR2002]

SPENCE, AZ2 Howard W. howspence@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-5 (November 1981 to December 1984) AIMD at NAS Brunswick, Maine and left the service in January 1988. I enjoyed almost every day of my service and in hindsite should never have gotten out - but that's life as they say. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [25OCT2009]

SPENCER, Derrell orion52@earthlink.net "...My first tour of duty in the Navy was with VP-48 ('77-'80). I made three deployments ( NAS Adak, Alaska, NAS Misawa, Japan, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan). After VP-48 I went to NATTC, AVA School as an instructor. Next, I went to sea with USS PELELIU (LHA-5). Then to NAMTGD NAS Moffett Field, California for instructor duty. My last duty station was with USS ESSEX (LHD-2). I retired in '94 as an ATCS(AW). Now I am living in Austin, Texas and wroking for Cirus Logic as a layout designer for CMOS IC chips..." [01FEB99]

SPENCER, AT2 Gary zxora@chartermi.net "...I served with FASRON-120 (08/1962-09/1965)..." [14JUL2012]

SPENCER, Larry J. lspencerretired@aol.com "...I noticed some names that look familiar. I served with VP-45 (1962 through 1964), in good ole NAS Bermuda. Those were the days of the Cuban Missile Blockade and the death of President Kennedy. All this brings back pleasent memories of hard work and good friends. I would like to hear from anyone from that time period, Bob and Barbara Fort, and any one interested in those days. Good luck to all and god bless all..." [25APR2000]

SPENCER, CAPTAIN Mark S. http://reserves.navy.mil/Public/Staff/Centers/Forces+Command/Centers/Naval+Air+Reserves/Centers/Norfolk/WelcomeAboard/CommandingOfficer/default.htm "...Captain Spencer was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Glassboro State College in 1977. Entering the Navy in September 1978, he served his first two years in San Diego, CA as a Hospital Corpsman. He was transferred to Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI, where he received his commission in November 1980. In May 1981, he received orders to NAS Pensacola, Florida for flight training, earning his wings in September 1982. Captain Spencer's first operational assignment was VP-8, NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1983 to 1986, qualifying as a Naval Flight Officer in the P-3C aircraft. He transferred to NROTC Miami University in Oxford, OH in July of 1986. During this tour, he completed his Master of Education Degree. In August 1988, Captain Spencer was selected for the Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) Program. He reported in August 1989 for his first TAR tour to the Naval Air Reserve Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center, NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Captain Spencer was transferred to VP-64, NAS Willow Grove, PennsylvaniaA in November 1991, where he qualified in the P-3B and P-3C aircraft and served as a Department Head. In August 1994 he transferred to VP-65, NAS Point Mugu, California, where he continued to fly in the P-3C aircraft and served as a Department Head. In August 1996, he reported to the Naval Reserve Professional Development Center, NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, as Executive Officer and assumed command in September 1997. He transferred to the Commander, Naval Air Reserve Force staff in April 1999, where he was assigned to the Training Department. In July 2000, he reported aboard and assumed command of Naval Air Reserve Center Selfridge. In September 2002 he transferred to U. S. Transportation Command, serving as Chief, Reserve Affairs. In July 2004, Captain Spencer reported for his current assignment as Commanding Officer, Naval Air Reserve Center, NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Captain Spencer's personal awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal (1 award), Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Navy Commendation Medal (2 awards), and Navy Achievement Medal (2 awards)..." [25APR2005]

SPENCER, Ralph W. Jr. chocolatechip@nh.adelphia.net "...I was in VW-2 stationed at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. We did trips to NAS Keflavik, Iceland where I was part of the ground support. We also went on trips to Africa, Naples Italy, Malta, etc. usually on a three month tour. I was young then but wish i could do it over. This time I would do better. Back then I was not grown up enough to understand the military. Knowing what I know now, I would make a better military person. I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud I served in the Naval Air..." [24SEP2001]

SPENCER, AXCS Tom Retired tbspencer@windstream.net "...I served aboard NAS New York, New York, HS-75, HS-84, VP-65 from 1983 to 1986 and NAF Detroit, Michigan. The best tour I had was with VP-65 with deployments to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, NAS Misawa, Japan and NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. Now retired, living in Atlanta, would love to hear from Shipmates. Very sad to hear about Jim and Jeff..." [E-Mail Updated 16FEB2010 | E-Mail Updated 16NOV2005 | 16APR2001]

SPENCER, William C. "Bill" ky4o@comcast.net "...I served with AEWBarRonPac (1964-1965) flying the barrier from Midway in the EC-121. Highlights were getting to send the Santa Sighting message on Christmas of 64 and operating KM6BI during idle time on Midway. Then transferred to VP-48 (1965-1967) flying the SP-5B Marlin with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam in 1966 while attached to Crew-11 ("Hooper's Hoppers"). Highlights were getting shot down on takeoff from NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, listening to the 1966 World Cup Final on BBC overseas service while on bouy watch, and many hours running phone patches for the crew as K7HPO/AM. I was one of the first to transfer to NAS Moffett Field, California and was the first qualified as a Radio Operator in P-3s. It meant a LOT of days riding with new pilots doing a LOT of touch and goes. The highlight of the last part of my tour was going back to Hawaii for an ORI where we won the 'E'. Scariest time was making an unscheduled stop to check a possible fire in number 3. The fire wasn't the scary thing, but the fact that we set down at Beale AFB in No. CA where the SR-71 flew out of. We landed in the middle of an Air Force ORI and they thought we were part of the exercise! Many APs with full battle dress and M-16s pointed at us! In the P-3 I was in Crews 1 and 3. I got out early to go back to school and didn't make the trip to WESPAC where we lost Crew 11. I knew most of the crew from both P-5 days and riding with everyone during the training for the P-3. I was an ATW first and changed to AX. Was qualified in the EC-121 as CIC and Radar and in the P-5 as Radar, Julie and ECM, but always seemed to be doing radio op when I wasn't cooking! Recognized some names from the notes and will try to contact some of you from both AEWBarRonPac and VP-48. 73 to my old radio buddies. My call is now KY4O. (Used 0D4C on the Market Time circuit. Sky King, do not answer!)..." [E-Mail Updated 16JAN2011 | 07DEC2000]

SPERRY, Bill wsperry@aol.com "...I joined VP-10 in November 1963. Ed Sisson and myself arrived in NAS Brunswick, Maine after the squadron had departed for NAS Sigonella, Sicily. We left for NAS Sigonella, Sicily on a commercial flight the day after President Kennedy was asassinated. I flew on Crews 1, 3 and 11 as an AX2 and left the Navy in November 1966..." [31MAR2000]

SPERRY, Mick sperry@techheadnet.com "...I served with VP-90 from 1979 to 1986, transferred to VP-69 from 1986 to 1990, transferred to VP-65 from 1990-1991, transferred to NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1991 to 1995 flying with both VP-60 & VP-90 until squadrons were decomissioned, transferred back to VP-69 where I retired as an ADC in November, 1996. I currently fly as a 727-200 Flight Engineer with a major airline. It would be great to hear from any of my old squadron mates..." [Updated E-Mail 18JUN99 | 24NOV98]

SPETH, Pete paspeth@hotmail.com "...Served with VP-17 from early 1965 to early 1967 (NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, NS Sangley Point, Philippines, & Tan Son Nhut) Pilot with Lt Joe McElmary -sic- crew. Would like to hear from anyone of White lightnings or of VP-17 Reunion..." [07JAN2005]

SPICE, ADC Sammy L. Retired oldsalty65@hotmail.com "...I was assigned to VP-23 from 1980-1983. I started out as the shop supervisor an then was moved to maint control. I also handled out packouts to NAS Keflavik, Iceland an NS Rota, Spain. I have seen names on this site that i know, Smitty. Dodson,Gilley, Dick Gray and others. I left VP-23 in 1983 for recruiting duty in Wis. I would like to hear form old sq. mates. I enjoyed the three years in the sq. What ever happened to Bruce Ablebeck (Abe), Nick Raciopi, Jim Merry (Jimbo), John Leighton,Dave Gary, and many others?..." [10NOV2000]

SPICER, AW1 Robert spicydo22@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-50 (Sensor 1) from 1981 to 1984, FASO NAS Moffett Field, California and the USS Coral Sea in October 1995..." [17MAR2009]

SPICER, Steven steve80984@yahoo.com "...I am currently serving with VP-45 and enjoying it..." [21JUN2002]

SPICKERMAN, Don betchan@majik-net.com "...Looking for Shipmates of the LP-12 VP-49 between January 1957 through December 1959. Please call me after June 3 at 1-800-750-4641..." [02JUN98]

SPIGLER, Brian and Sue spigler@innernet.net "...Brian and I were in VP-10 during the NS Rota, Spain/lajes of 86/87. We would like to know if anyone has heard from PN Mike Lowery or HM Rich Barnett..." [11JUL98]

SPIKER, James (Jim) Jspikerfl18@MSN.com "...I served with VP-44 from 1959 to 1962 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. I will visit Norfolk again in September of this year (2002)..." [01JUL2002]

SPIKER, James H Spiker@cde.com "...I served with VP-44 in NAS Norfolk, Virginia in 1958 & 1959, Hello to my old Shipmates and I hope you are doing well..." [15AUG98]

SPILLER, AT2 Jim jmspiller@live.com "...I served with VAW-124 (The Bullseye Hummers) from 1977 to 1980, serving in AIMD in the VAST shop, making two med cruises on the USS America (CV-6), may she rest in peace. Then served in the VP community at AIMD NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1981 to 1984, then VP-11 (The Proud Pegasus) from 1984 to 1987 TAD to AIMD, and lastly at AIMD NAS Bermuda from 1987 to 1990. Now retired reservist. Would love to hear from any old friends and Shipmates! Those were the days!..." [02MAR2010]

SPILLANE, AWCS Chris spillanecp@verizion.net "...I served with VS-73 at NAF Detroit, Michigan and in 1976 assigned to the VP-93 re-establishment. The next 18 months prior to ROI were busy. I signed for the first P-3 for the squadron. I retired in 1978 from VP-93. I reside in Pennyslvania..." [01OCT2009]

SPINDLER, AMH2 Dallas dscnohills@aol.com "...I served with VP-1 (12/1956-07/1959) at Ault Field NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. During my tour there we went from P2V-5's, to P2V-5F's with J34 boosters to P2V-7's. I was an E-4, AMH3, Hydrualics/Structural Mechanic and Second Mechanic in flight crew. One six month deployment to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and one TAD (3 aircraft) to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (08/1958) for Johnson Island "A" bomb detonation. My last year in the Navy was with FASRON-112 Detachment A (07/1959-06/1960) at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona as an E-5 (AMH2)..." [BIO Updated 18AUG2011 | 21JAN2002]

SPINELLA, Cristy Carrier cristy.spinella@cox.net "...I served with VP-19 1984 to 1986. I am very proud of the squadron and enjoy reading the historical accounts..." [29APR2003]

SPINK, CAPTAIN Tom Retired tom.spink@att.net "...I served at NAS Moffett Field, California (1970 to 1988) as NAV/TACCO on P-3B & B-MOD, VP-31 (1970 to 1972), VP-46 (1972 to 1974), VP-31 (1974 to 1977) CNAP NFO Evaluator, VP-91 (1977 to 1988) and Commanding Officer (1986 to 1988)..." [E-Mail Updated 25APR2008 | E-Mail Updated 30JUN2005 | BIO Updated 15AUG2000]

SPIVEY, ADR3 Harold W. hspivey@satx.rr.com "...I served with VP-28 as an ADR-3 Plane Captain from 1962 to 1965 and VR-1 from 1965 to 1967 and then enlisted in the U.S. Army from 1967 to 1980. Email if you remember me..." [BIO Updated 07JUN2008 | 06SEP2005]

SPIVEY, AX2 Michael G. mike.spivey@att.net "...I served with VP-9 from 1976 to June 1980. I went to work for Lockheed at NAS Moffett Field, California in June 1980 on the Mod Team and as a P-3 Field Representative and left in 1986 for the F-117 Program..." [16MAY2011]

SPLAIN, Harold hsplain25@comcast.net "...I served aboard NAS Moffett Field, California (12/1966-02/1967) and USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) (03/1967-09/1970) with 4 WesPacs..." [12OCT2013]

SPLETTER, Wayne doughnut@wctc.net "...I served with VP-16 from March 1961 until August 1963 with a deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NS Rota, Spain and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [18FEB2011]

SPOEHR, Alexander c/o His Son Hardy Spoehr jspoehr@aol.com "...My father, Alexander Spoehr, served with VH-5 in the Marshall Islands during WWII. He left the Squadron in 1946 as a LT USNR. I'd love to hear from anyone who was in the area or with the Squadron at that time as my Dad rarely talked about those days..." [29MAY2001]

SPOENTGEN, Neil sponge@mediaone.net "...I'm an IFT currently in VP-16 since Jan 96. Started in VP-47 88 thru 93, with a stop at NAWC Warminster (93-96) before they moved to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. E-mail me if u know me..." [17JUN99]

SPOERL, Dave spoerl@nadn.navy.mil "...I just left VP-4 in April 1997. CDR Dean Kiyohara was the CO. The squadron won the Battle "E" in 1996. Go Dragons!..."

SPOON, AXCS Gary Retired saspoon@juno.com "...I served in VP-31 1975-78 and in VP-17 1978-81. would like to hear from old Shipmates..." [09AUG98]

SPRADLEY, Michael spradley1@houston.westerngeco.slb.com "...Proud to be a VP-9'er from 1964 to 1967 Crew 10. I am the guy that on Labor Day 1966 stole the VP-6 Blue Shark out of their duty office in Barbers Point (along with my accomplice Tex Wilkie). As a civvie I have been involved in converting the sonobuoy concept to oil exploration which has now become a standard tool with the geophysical industry. I have used the techique in about 44 countries around the world (hey Navy, thanks for a good idea that I have made a career with). Over the years I brought other Shipmates to our industry, John Staples, Chief Bill Harkom, Tom Wright (whom I have lost), Pilot Pat Henry flys the goodyear blimp--enuf for now..." [E-Mail Updated 22OCT2002 | 14OCT97]

SPRINGS, AK Grady C. Retired gstorehouse@aol.com "...I served with VX-1 from 1981 to 1986 and returned to VX-1 from 1989 to 1992. I worked in the Material Control office as a AK. I retired off the USS Wasp in 1997. Would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [10SEP2004]

SPRINGER, Steven E. sspringer@k-glaw.com "...On active duty I was in VP-49 CAC 6 as a TACCO 1972 through 1975. Later finished out with the Reserves including several years with VP-60 in NAS Glenview, Illinois. Just practice law now back home in Indiana..." [30JUN2000]

SPRINGGATE, PH Robert "Bob" bspringgate@hotmail.com "...Went to boot camp at NAS Sand Point, Seattle, Washington in December of 1965. The Navy started me out training to be an ADR. Then we got P-3 Orions, so they decided I'm make a good ADJ. They were wrong. Ended up working in the photo lab and earning my PH designation. Probably not the best career move, as the only way to move up as a photographer is to wait for another photographer to die. Eventually went on active duty to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in September of 1967, where I joined "the Heavies", the VAH squadrons. Deployed with VAH-10 onboard USS Coral Sea in Sept. of 1968..." [09MAR2010]

SPRINKLE, Mike mdsprinkle@hotmail.com "...Started pushing powerlevers back in '78 with VP-10 then served with VX-1, VP-26, Commander, Patrol Wing Five (CPW-5) back to VP-26. Currently in VP-10 as MMCPO. Got to love this stuff, still with my true love Cyndi (Smyrl) also of '78-80 VP-10 fame and having the time of my life. Would like to hear from some former Shipmates. The Red Lancer Camp Rocks the Sky tonight..." [25MAR99]

SPROUSE, AE3 Jack jacksprouse@hotmail.com "...I served in VP-21 (Black Jack Squdron) at NAS Brunswick, Maine from October 1962 until October 1964, with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I was AE3 on crew of P2V Neptune when my hitch was up. I am interested in locating anyone I served with, in particular: Mel Wilt from Ohio; Bill Ahlberg from Boston; and Gerry Miller from Ironton, Mo. (all radiomen on crew)..." [13OCT2001]

SPROWL, Robert "Low Gear" RGSROWL@worldnet.att.net "...Robert "Low Gear" Sprowl RGSROWL@worldnet.att.net..." [15MAY98]

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