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IVASKEWITZ, NC1 Joe Retired louie@aiservices.com "...stationed at NAS Point Mugu, California at VP-65. This is fantastic! You've done a wonderful job with this web site. I was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington APR 72-Feb77. VR-51 and then VP-69. I was then transferred to San Diego in Feb 77 and served at VF-301 until MAR 80. I transferred up to NAS Point Mugu, California and VP-65 and served with the Tridents until APR-83. I have already found a few of my old Shipmates and hope to find more. I am looking for AZC Eddie Isaacson for one and AO-1 Bill Mullin just for starters. By the way the friend of mine in Houston is married to AXCM James Brock. Keep 'em flying! Fair Winds and Following Seas to all, Active and Retired..." [29OCT98]

IVES, Glenn stepives@worldnet.att.net "...I was in VQ-2 as a Radio Operator from 3/77 - 3/80. Moved on to VP-9 until 10-82. Miss the old days and the missions. Would love to hear from old buddies, fellow moto-cross racers from the " quatros caminos" club. I have a daughter headed to Sig as an "AT." The tradition keeps on goin'..." [04AUG2000]

IVEY, AE2 Brett BrettIvey@aol.com "...I served in VP-17 from Mar.91 to May 94 as a glorified Flight Engineer. Currently living in Greenville N.C. and would love to hear from anyone who I had the honor of serving with..." [06JAN99]

IVORY, William c/o Andrew Klein captianaj121@netscape.net "...My name is Andrew, I am 17. I am the grandson of one William Ivory, who served aboard the USS St. George (AV-16). He just recently had a stroke. His long term memory is very good, and if anyone who remembers him and would like to say 'hello' please, email me using the Subject: For your grandpa. He would love to hear some old Shipmates. Thank you..." [08JUL2004]

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