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AHERN, LTJG Bob Graeagle5@aol.com "...I was Tacco/Legal Officer in VP-17, April 1962 through August 1964; made NAS Kodiak, Alaska and Naha depolyments; due to typhoon fly-away and Tonkin thing, I never really got a chance to say farewell to all; I changed my designator to 1635 and remained affiliated with Reserves until 1983 when I retired as CDR; have been a Judge in San Jose, Ca since 1979; I found this site in 9-99 and would very much like to hear from anyone from who served at same time; I have wonderful memories. Best wishes to all!..." [05OCT99]

AHLBERG, Bill stowkay@aol.com "...Was in VP-21 from 1963 to 1968. Flew on CAC's 5 and 13, Radio, 2nd Mech, Ord. etc. We had a very talented crew!! Anyone heard from George Gonzales ADJ2 or John Cote ADR3???? Any other old Shipmates out there?..." [25MAR2002]

AHLE, John M. jma0365@aol.com "...Served with the best dammed VP squadron in the Navy - VP-2 from 1958-1960. Would like to thank the people who make this site available, was just going through cruise book (JAPAN). Would like to hear from anyone out there that served in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington at that time, course we all know we weren't there half the time. Was AEI2, ECM, MAD, operator, loved the bubble, especially when there was static, often wondered what held those half inch rods up, or should I say down? Hard work, good times, here's to the BLACKOUT,IN MT. Vernon, keep em flying, two turning, and two burning..." [31MAR2001]

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