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Lockheed PV-1 Vega

BUNO Civilian Number Photograph URL/Contributor
33258 N544B Photograph Needed
Mishap (April 27, 1979)
Ex USN, BuNo 33258. Used by No. 8 (BR) Squadron, RCAF Station Sea Island or Patricia Bay, BC, c.1943 to 1945. Flew this unit's last war time patrol on 16 May 1945, from Patricia Bay. Later to US civil register, as N544B.
33263 N721N Recycled AC
Mishap (July 07, 1979)
Ex USN, BuNo 33263. Used by No. 8 (BR) Squadron, RCAF Station Sea Island or Patricia Bay, BC, c.1943 to 1945. Coded "Q". Later to US civil register, as N721N.
Photograph contributed by Zane Adams zatexdp@aol.com. Taken at Ft. Worth, Meacham Field 12/1979.
33265 N730EG Photograph Needed
Mishap (April 01, 1975)
Ex USN, BuNo 33265. Assigned to Eastern Air Command. Category B damage on 30 May 1944. To Us civil register as N730EG. Reported as crashed and destroyed while smuggling drugs, at Culiacan, Mexico on 1 April 1975.
33366 N80BD Photograph Needed
Mishap (December 09, 1976)
Ex USN, BuNo 33366. Assigned to Western Air Command. Later to US civil register as N80BD. Registered to Red River Ranch Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FLA in 1976. Reported destroyed after in flight wing failure, while smuggling drugs, near Yosemite, CA on 9 December 1976.
34964 N725YC Photograph Needed Mishap (September 11, 1971)
48655 N1514S Recycled AC
Mishap (May 26, 1979)
Ex USN, BuNo 48655. Assigned to Western Air Command. Registration N10487 issued to Siple Aviaiton Ltd. of Montreal. Delivered from storage at RCAF Station Vulcan, Alberta as N515, c. 1953. To Universal Trading Co. of New York as N10487, from 1953 to 1954. To Howard Air Services December 1954. Convereted to Howard Super Ventura, conversion no. 16, completed on 13 June 1957. To Ohio Oil Co. as N515, 1957 to 1961. Back to Howard Air Service, as N511U. Converted to Howard 350 by 1962. Back to Ohio Oil, later Marathon Oil, 1962 to 1963. To Lone Star Steel as N151LS, later N1514S, 1963 to 1968. Several owners through 1970s. Was registered as N1514S to Inter Island Shipping of Baham, when it crashed in a swamp near Dania FLA on takeoff on 26 May 1979. Destroyed by fire.
Unknown N12288 Photograph Needed Mishap (March 08, 1984)
S/N: 5371 N175S Photograph Needed Mishap (April 15, 1973)
Unknown N234YU Photograph Needed Mishap (February 01, 1975)
S/N: 3008 N340 Photograph Needed Mishap (April 15, 1968)
Unknown N350Q Recycled AC Mishap (August 18, 1970)
Unknown N446DD Photograph Needed Mishap (August 03, 1972)
Unknown N45CK Recycled AC http://freespace.virgin.net/m.zoeller/N45CK.htm
Mishap (May 04, 1973)
Unknown N5033F Photograph Needed Mishap (December 03, 1972)
Mishap (July 10, 1972)
Unknown N8GW Photograph Needed Mishap (April 11, 1979)
Unknown N9221R Recycled AC http://freespace.virgin.net/m.zoeller/N9221R.html
Mishap (February 28, 1967)
Mishap (October 31, 1966)

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