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Circa 1957

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...The aircraft assigned to Fasron Special 200 when it was at Blackbushe Aerodrome whiel I was stationed there from 57 to 60 were: 2 each, R4D-8 assigned to home squadron for logistic support, 3 each, SNB-5 assigned to home squadron for flight time for flying officers in London, 1 each UF-1 assigned to Oslo, 1 each R4D-5 assigned to Paris, and 1 each R5D assigned to the Admiral in London. They used to have a R4D-5 assigned to Copenhagen Denmark Embassy. It was pulled from service about the time I arrived in late 57 or early 58..." Contributed by BOOKER, CPO Don Retired dbooker@centurytel.net [28FEB2002]

Circa 1942

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...Circa 1951...HEADLINE: Happy Birthday Dear Mildenhall...Happy Birthday to You! - July 7, 1994..." http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/news/eurnews/eur94/eur94025.txt

NAF Mildenhall, England (NENS) - Unusually bright English skies welcomed the U.S. Naval Air Facility Mildenhall to a celebration of its thirtieth year aboard RAF Mildenhall. The command had good reason to reflect on the rich history and drastic changes, in both the command and the world, that led to this moment.

Originally established as Fleet Air Service Squadron (FASRON) SEVENTY-SIX in 1942 at RAF Hendon, the squadron supported U.S. Naval Attache London activities throughout Great Britain and Northern Europe. The squadron also maintained detachments in Italy, France and Morocco. When RAF Hendon closed in 1951, the squadron was redesignated FASRON TWO HUNDRED and operations moved to RAF Blackbushe. Two years later, it moved again, this time to RAF West Malling in Kent, and became a Naval Air Facility. Finally, on July 1, 1964, the squadron came to its current home RAF Mildenhall.

Through the years, the command has operated a wide variety of logistic aircraft. C-47's, C-117 Dakota's, UC-45 Voyager's, C-131's and Carrier On Board Delivery capable C-1A Traders have all been part of the unit's inventory. Today, the NAF flies three Beechcraft UC-12M's, twin turboprops capable of carrying up to seven passengers or approximately 2,000 pounds of cargo.

Today, as the only U.S. Naval Aviation Unit in the United Kingdom, the facility provides logistic support to units throughout the European theater. The Command's primary mission is to support Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Commander Naval Activities United Kingdom, both headquartered in London. Their tasking includes weekly scheduled missions in support of isolated U.S. Naval installations throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, the command also supports the Defense Courier Service Mildenhall and other U.S. and NATO concerns.

Currently, the Naval Air Facility is comprised of twelve officers, sixteen enlisted personnel and nine civilians. Senior Chief Petty Officer Jim Bursley, NAF Supply Officer, places the command's size in perspective, saying, "The command's small size belies the amount of cargo passing through our hangar. We are currently processing over 120,000 pounds of mail and cargo per month, of which approximately 15% is moved by the C-12's and the rest by truck." AOC Paul Dosen, NAF Operations Chief Petty Officer, adds, "We have the flexibility and camaraderie of a small command, but our output is that of a big command."

The celebration aboard RAF Mildenhall was marked by a traditional cake cutting, performed by recently selected Sailor of the Quarter, HM1 David Edwards. Commander Tom Denham, NAF Commanding Officer, addressed the friends and families of the Naval Air Facility, saying, "Like the rest of the Navy, our command is rich in heritage and possesses an endearing commitment to excellence. And although many of the Sailors here weren't even born when the NAF was established, we can surely look at these young forces as the foundation of tomorrow's tradition and history."

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